#Team and Projects01.09.2017

Who is the 18th Camel?

Foto: Who is the 18th Camel?

As a »Society for Digital and Social Transformation« we create value for our clients and their stakeholders in an environment that is determined by an ever faster pace of technological, economic and societal change. We focus on profit as well as purpose for the next phase of a social and digital economy.

1) To achieve this goal we have created a new breed organisation with elements of a Think Tank, Strategy Advisor, Academy, Innovation Boutique, Data Analyst and HR-Expert. We are a mix of renowned scientists and experienced practitioners, creating knowledge and implementing it to effect in organisations. Like our namesake, the 18th Camel, we aim to be part of creative problem solving.

2) We are centred around our clients and their challenges. And we’re here to provide solutions. Sounds like a given? It’s not. Most consultants act like the proverbial hammer that sees a nail in every problem. We’re not jumping into quick assumptions and standardized procedures, disguised as »sector experience«. As scientists we analyse the less obvious and see bigger contexts. As practitioners we leave the PowerPoint realm and transform our solutions into competitive advantages. And we’re ready to take an entrepreneurial position and interest!

3) We’re a Sozietät. That’s one unique German word for a joint practice, a partnership like in a law firm. Besides from one of the founders being a lawyer, this is the perfect structure for our way of working: single partners closely involved with our clients challenges, backed and complemented by a range of competent partners and associates.  We demonstrate diversity not in terms of hierarchical levels but in terms of backgrounds: economists, architects, brand strategists, data experts, writers, HR-experts, social entrepreneurs … The difference is that we’ve been there. In life, not in a project.

We work inter-disciplinary and inter-sectorally. Next to the diversity of our associates, we’re also constantly combining a scientific and a practical perspective. As a team we have a strong academic background, with roughly half of us being Professors and teaching at Universities in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. When so often the world experiences disruptions only because scientific findings have not been translated into economic and social practice, we consider this a valuable competitive advantage for our clients.

4) Our playground is digital transformation as well as social transformation. Because the two are inseparable, drive and influence each other. Technology drives change in societies and brings new opportunities. But markets are fundamentally depending on human behaviour, values and judgements. Economy is applied social science and we strive to leverage technology from opportunistic opportunity to competitive advantage by relating it to social insights and corporate identities.

Social Transformation certainly drives us to deal closely with contemporary value sets, with concepts of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Not because it’s fashionable, romantic or idealistic. But because we believe that we can align diverse interests, existing in joint communities and societies, for the benefit of corporations and their stakeholders alike.


We centre our work around three areas: Identity, Intelligence, Interaction. All three do overlap and influence each other, but nonetheless they provide focus and help to define an ingoing perspective.

Identity deals with the heart and soul of your organisation. Why does it exist? What it its role in the world? These questions may sound slightly too far-fetched or esoteric, in particular for tough businesspeople. But clarity about your »Identity & Purpose« gives you a complete strategic guideline for all aspects of your business.

Intelligence means the internal capability and agility of an organisation to learn, to adapt and to grow. We talk about »HR Management« and »Development of Organisational Design« as well as more exotic perspectives like the ability with regards to »Corporate Cognition«.

Interaction marks all fields of external relationships. This encompasses our communication-centred work in »Position and Platforms« as well as »Business Model Innovation«. But Interaction goes beyond market and client relationships into any relationship to external stakeholders including Investor Relations and Governmental Affaires.